We’re pretty sure that Meredith started her life organizing tea parties for her neighborhood friends. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for creating events and parties that make a splash through design, beauty...and fun. As a result, she began taking classes on interior design, studio art, and business while working for major apparel and beauty companies along the way. When she graduated, she began writing editorials on these same subjects for online magazines and blogs. This is where she really got the feeling that she had a passion for creating beautiful and unique events that give her room to spread her creativity wings. Now, Meredith uses her talents for business and marketing to plan fashionable events for companies, creating media campaigns surrounding those events, and most of all making them beautiful every time.




Small Beginnings


We seriously started out as a blog. Meredith started with a vision and worked her way up by planning her own charitable events and we have never looked back. In 2012 we were lucky enough to finally open our consultancy firm to the public and our services in event planning, marketing, and public relations...we thought our dreams had come true. And since then, that dream has grown as we have now worked with businesses throughout Arkansas. Our clients range from fashion designers to retail stores. We always stay true to our initial intentions and incorporate philanthropy into everything we do.  From those small beginnings, our dreams have become our reality. And we LOVE it!